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Notice of price revision for photographer service

Thank you for always using Yotsuya BASE.

I'm Cozy, the official photographer.

Currently, every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, I am affiliated with "Yotsuya BASE photographer service".

Unfortunately, we will revise the price as follows from February 1st.


Before revision: 1 slot 2,000 yen (45 minutes)

After revision: 1 slot 3,000 yen (45 minutes)


My motto is providing more photos as possible, but unfortunately the work on the pictures has taken more time than I expected.

After a consultation with Yotsuya Base, we wated to reduce the number of provided photos but that was against my will, so this is the result:

We will maintain the number of photos provided, but increasing the price up to ¥3,000.

Of course, we will continue to maintain the best result and improve quality more and more.


We will continue to provide services that satisfy as many people as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

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