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Reservation is required. (1hour, 1 group).
・If there is no reservation behind you, you can use it continuously.
・When using the rooftop, please come to the reception on the first floor with your phone. You can make the reservation here.
・Staff presence is required while you are photoshooting on the rooftop.

Also, please note that the rooftop may be restricted from being opened on days with bad weather such as strong winds, heavy rains or typhoon.


・Hats, floats, balls, or anything that can be blown away by the wind onto the rooftop is strictly prohibited.

・Equipment that can easily fall or blown away, such as reflectors, umbrellas, and light boxes are prohibited.

・Please stay away 50 cm from the fence (crouching and sitting are OK).

・Actions such as running and dancing on the rooftop are prohibited.

・GiveCos (LOL Co., Ltd.) will not take responsibility for any incidents,  such has equipment damages, or troubles caused by people falling over.


Reservation is required. The time limit is 30 minutes for 1 group (you can reserve at the reception in the same day!)

・If there is no other reservation, you can use it continuously.

​・Please bring your mobile phone with you to the reception on the 1st floor before going to the booth.

Terms and conditions 

In GiveCos Yotsuya BASE, we put safety at our top priority. Please be sure to follow the precautions, terms of use, and other staff instructions, in this way all our customers can have a good time.
We may update the Terms from time to time.
Please visit this page periodically to check for any changes.

Creation date: June 10, 2022
Updated: October 16, 2022
[About use]
・Please follow the rules and staff instructions.
・If you do not follow the staff's instructions and commit any incovenience or an illegal activity, we will report it to an appropriate organization, we will ask you to leave the studio, and refuse to let you enter in our studio and events in the future.
In some cases, films, equipment, and memory cards may be confiscated.
・Children under junior high school age can participate when accompanied by a parent/guardian. We do not allow children under elementary school age to enter. Please understand that.
・Please change your clothes and leave the building within 30 minutes after the time limit.
(Morning plan 14:30, 1DAY plan&Afternoon plan: 18:30).
If you do not leave the building before the time limit, an extra fee of 500 yen per 15 minutes will be charged. Please be careful!
・We are not responsible for any theft, damage, incidents, or accidents that occur in the studio. 
・We will keep forgotten items for 2 weeks. If you forgot something, please contact us by DM.
For hygienic reasons some items will be disposed immediately (such as underwear, food and drink, etc.). Please understand.
・ In some aereas shoes are prohibited. Please change to the provided slippers, or wipe the soles of your shoes with the provided cloth inside the booths. Residual dirt will lead to stains. We ask your cooperation.
・ Cleaning and repair costs may be charged for stains or damage in the studio. Please be careful during the shooting.
・ In case of an emergency disaster or evacuation, please be calm and follow the staff's instructions and guidance.

■ Measures against infectious diseases
・Please make your own judgment about wearing a mask, taking into consideration the people around you.
・ If at the reception your body temperature is more than 37.5 , studio admission will be refused.

■ Shooting and equipment
・Since YotsuyaBase is a shared studio, have consideration of other customers too.
Please refrain from taking pictures for a long time in the same booth or using space with big equipment.
・ The length of softbox umbrellas, etc. must be 125 cm or less. Also, since the ceiling is low be careful when you move with big equipment.
・ Please note that jumping or running may cause inconvenience to other customers or damage the booths.

■ About costumes and changing clothes
・Please change in the men's and women's changing rooms.
・ The opposite sex staff may enter the changing room only in an emergency.
・ If we receive complaints from other customers about your costume, you will be asked to stop shooting and move to the changing room. Please understand.
・If you expose too much skin, please be considerate of other customers and hide your skin with a coat, hoodie, etc., except durint the shooting.

■ About video recording
・Please take selfies and video with mutual consent.
・ Altough is possible to shoot freely, be sure to not reflect other customers in your photos without their permission. Please remember this is a shared space.
・ Please note that jumping or running may cause inconvenience to other customers or damage to the booths and props.

■ Precautions
・Shooting while running.
・Shooting without the consent of the subject.*Reflection of other participants.
・Shooting using large equipment that obstructs traffic.
・Shooting in men's and women's changing rooms and restrooms.
・Use of an excessively big camera lens.
・Climbing trees, unstable structures, or other objects that should not be stepped on.
・ Please behave in a modest manner so that the other person does not feel uncomfortable when taking pictures or interacting with each other.
・ Please refrain from excessive noise or sound such as music and radio that may disturb other participants.
・Please refrain from making excessive noise with bells attached to costumes and props.
・The layout and timing of the venue may change without prior notice.
・ Please manage your valuables by yourself. We are not responsible for any loss.
・ In an emergency, follow the staff's instructions and act calmly without rushing.
・Participants will be responsible for damages to goods and equipment in the event venue.
・Participants will be responsible for the cost of arranging an ambulance in the event of an emergency such as injury, or poor physical condition.
・GiveCos (LOL Co., Ltd.), the management, and the venue will not be held responsible for any disadvantages or accidents caused by the content and type of cosplay, or the situation at the studio.
■ About exposure criteria
・ If you do not meet the exposure criteria, you may be prohibited from participating in cosplay.
・ Regardless of the above, you may be asked to change clothes or put on your jacket if the staff judges that there is a problem.

■ About cross-dressing
・ Be sure to apply make-up and eyebrows, and be careful not to damage the character's image.
・ Please treat exposed hair such as armpit hair, shin hair, and beard.
・ It is forbidden to dress in an inappropriate way that creates discomfort in other customers.
・ Avoid exposing your bare feet and wear tights, stockings, spats, etc.

■ Prohibited items
・Change clothes and make-up outside of changing rooms such as nearby stores and restrooms.
・Use of sprays and mists in the venue.
・Entering and exiting the venue while wearing a cosplay.
・Public officers such as police officers, Self-Defense Forces officers, firefighters, current national organizations regardless of Japan or foreign countries, wearing uniforms of security guards. Also wearing costumes that are indistinguishable from these.
・Wig cut at the venue, changing room, toilet, etc.
・Bringing in items that may injure other people or items that may stain or damage the surroundings (color spray, blood, etc.).
・Wearing clothes that do not meet the criteria for judging exposure.
・Photography without the consent of the subject.
・Uploading photos or videos online(or send the photo to a magazine or another media) without the consent of the subjectd is strictly prohibited.
・Shooting from an excessively low angle.
・Adult photography.
・Acts that violate public order and morals, or possession of illegal goods.
・Bring in dangerous props such as REAL knives, swords, and model guns that can shoot.
・Swinging imitation swords, firearms, dangerous objects, rackets, or balls. Please be aware of your surroundings when you are photoshooting.
・Sales in the studio, promoting without permission, distribution of flyers, etc.
・Bringing in a national flag.
・Bringing in and drinking of alcoholic beverages.
・Smoking in student uniform cosplay.
・Bringing in items that may injure other people or items that may stain or damage the surroundings.
・Trouble between participants, other acts deemed dangerous, nuisance, or violation of our policy   (regardless of the reason)
・Acts that cause trouble to other people, such as defacement or damage to the studio, throwing or swinging objects.
・Food is not allowed to be brought into the booth even if it is only for photography. 

* If our terms and conditions will not be observed, the staff will ask you to leave the studio or notify your behavior to a public institution at our discretion.
If you are using the studio, we will consider that you have agreed to the above terms and conditions and will be responsabile for any problem.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for continuing to enjoy cosplay.

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